Massive One Direction Giveaway!!

We’re giving away: (click the pics to see them better~)

10 Customized shirts and 6 Thing shirts (Including Pauls’)

5 1D ballers

2 Dare to Dream books (the other one isn’t in the picture)

Up All Night: Live tour dvd

Up All Night: Yearbook Edition

Up All Night Regular edition

Up All Night Souvenir Edition (comes with poster)

All 5 of the 1D dolls

1D hoodie

iPhone 4S (This has to get 15,000 notes or we won’t include this to the giveaway)


Must be following me and my cousin.
Follow our twitter too, me and my cousin.
Reblog as many times as you want but likes dont count.
We’ll ship worldwide and you don’t have to worry about the shipping ‘cause we’ll handle that.
For more chances of winning message both of us why you want to win.
We’ll choose the winner by using a random generator and their message.
We’ll announce the winner on May 30, 2012 but we might extend it though.

Note: We will order the shirts, ballers, Live Tour DVD online so be patient cause it wont magically apear at our house in an instant. With the dolls, we’ll still buy them but they haven’t been released so again, be patient. this is why we might extend the giveaway.

This is 1000000000000% real so if you don’t believe us, its your loss.

~no scam here~

Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor.

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